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rules and regulations

Game Play:

  • 5 innings

  • 2 outs per inning

  • Regular baseball count, including walks

  • Strike zone is marked by the board behind the plate. Called strikes must hit the board in the marked strike zone.

  • Hit by pitch is a ball

  • Pitches too fast = ball (pitches much have at least a slight arch and should be under 40 mph)

  • No bunting

  • Runner is out if:

    • Tagged with ball

    • Ball is thrown and makes contact with runner before touching the ground

    • Ball touches runner in fair territory directly after contact with the bat

    • Runner leaves the base before the ball is contacted by the bat

  • No infield fly rule

  • Runner advances one base if ball is thrown out of play by a fielder

  • 10 run maximum each inning

  • Team wins if up 15 runs after 3 innings or 10 runs after 4 innings


Team play:

  • All 5 players will bat, lineup set before each game

  • Only 4 fielders on defense:

    • pitcher, catcher, and 2 outfielders.

  • Must have an outfielder behind the baseline and on each half of the field

  • Can change pitchers up to 3 times per game

  • Teams may not add a player after the game starts

  • All players on the tournament roster must have played in at least 1 game



  • Ball, Bat, Duct Tape, & Bases are all provided by Wifflebowl

  • Standard 6 hole wiffleball

  • Standard wiffleball bat + 6 strips of duct tape that can be placed anywhere on the barrel

  • Teams may supply their own grip tape, must not go past factory grip on bat

  • No gloves allowed


  • Bases will be 45 feet apart

  • Pitching rubber (painted mark) will be 35 feet from home

  • A runner who runs through the fence after scoring will be called out

  • If a fielder runs through the outfield fence the batter is awarded a homerun (if ball did not hit the ground) or a double (if ball hit the ground)

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